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is not only a great ride, but relatively speaking, it’s convenient. The hefty ass can easily be stored in a variety of places without being conspicuous. As for how it “performs,” the first time I tried it, I was immediately taken back in time to my formative years, whereas the song says, “I learned about love in the back of a Chevrolet.” So, no, I wasn’t grinding on a TPE butt in my youth, but the feel reminded me of some of my early girlfriends.
The sucking device is the key to the lifelike feeling. It has several intensity settings, and if you set it to maximum sucking while thrusting in and out, you’ll swear you’re popping someone’s cherry. Put it to a little lighter setting, and you will have the opposite effect and enjoy the “Mrs. Robinson experience,” Don’t get the reference? Basically, low to moderate sucking levels provide you with an experienced lover who has great Kegel muscle control. Make sure to use plenty of water-based lubricant. A few minutes warming up the vaginal canal with a heating rod before use also adds to the pleasure.
You can experiment with different positions to find one to your liking, but if you want to save some time with the trial and error of doing so, simply place the butt on the edge of a bed and go at it while standing. It’s easily the best position. Cleaning is fairly simple if you have some space around a kitchen or bathroom sink. Set the ass on top of a bath towel along the edge of the sink and clean thoroughly with warm water and toy cleaner.


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