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18 lb. Portable Torso w/ Sucking

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Ideal when Storage Space is an Issue!

Our Butts and Torsos are perfect for those with space and budget restrictions. If you're living in a studio apartment or your disposable income doesn't afford you the luxury of purchasing a full doll, our Butts and Torso collection can provide you with the same sexual feel you achieve when you're with a TPE doll. With the Sucking feature available on most of our models, the experience will absolutely satisfy!

We here at are very particular about the products we carry. Our team of internal testers loved the concept behind these butts and torsos. Not everyne has the space or money for a full doll, yet there are very creative ways our team put these products to us. Perhaps a very comfortable and convenient threesome while going down on your partner! Due to the nature of these products, returns and/or refunds are not allowed under any circumstance once the device has been used. Regarding added mechanical devices, if there is an issue detected prior to use, contact and we will address each specific occurrence, and if warranted, and on a case-by-case basis, we will replace the defective device at no charge. This a TPE product! Make sure to properly clean after use. Use a channel cleaning tool with a toy cleaner for best results.

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