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Dragon Vibrating and Sucking Cup

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Small and Portable Vibrating and Sucking Cup!

The Dragon sucks and vibrates like others, but it's smaller and ideal for guys who are not well-endowed. The unique shape…like a Russian Nesting Doll also makes it one of those toys that you can have sitting around the house and no one will know what it is.

We here at are very particular about the products we carry. Our electric and manual cup offerings are based on consensus recommendations from our team of in-house testers. We tested hundreds of products and either found that many simply didn't satisfy or didn't make sense from a price standpoint. Due to the nature of these products, returns and/or refunds are not allowed under any circumstance once the device has been used. Regarding mechanical devices, if there is an issue detected prior to use, contact and we will address each specific occurrence, and if warranted, and on a case-by-case basis, we will replace the defective device at no charge. Make sure to read operation and cleaning instructions carefully when included.

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